Friday, February 20, 2009

love friday

who i am, who i'm not and who i wanna be..
who i am, who i'm not and who i wanna be.. - by AdE. :) on

this is the perfect combination of winter and spring

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Starbucks - a way of life
Starbucks - a way of life - by Karine Minzon Wilson on

i saw this on polyvore and it just made smile! Cant wait to wear these beautiful things! =]

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

February 18, 2009

More snow! I’m so tired of snow, I feel like winter should be over already! I want spring, warm breezes, light girly floral dresses, and open sandals without frozen little toes that come with wearing them during the winter (iv tried it twice and yes I even ventured out last night with socks and heels…still not so fond of it but its growing on me). 

Iv been really into fashion blogs….almost to obsession! Maybe it’s just me but I find it so much more inspiring to see “real” people wearing “real” clothes. The ideas are wonderful as well as most of these bloggers mix high end with cheaper finds (some wonderful fashion bloggers who must really know how much us “less fortunate in the funds area” love high end things will even find a look a-like or give other options).  Right now though I am really enjoying and (yes polyvore have a blog. LOVE ) Hope  this never ending winter isn’t leaving you bored with winter fashion as I am! <3





So i know that it is a little late to be posting this as January is almost over.  Its been so busy around here i just recently got a new puppy, cut 9 in of my hair off, and finally got glasses i so desperately needed.  The puppy (named brooklyn) has been pretty good he has his accidents lol but all in all he has surprised me.  Basically though,  my life has completely changed i look feel and even act different and its been a good change.  2009 has seemed to bring a promising air that i am hoping will stay a while.  As i am sure for many of you, 2008 was a difficult year for me, and i am more than thrilled it is over. It is a time for new beginnings and to be open to all things that may come this year!


I am also very excited because I finally got my macbook working again. just picked it up from the apple store last night and it seems brand new =]. It is SO much easier to keep up with my blog and youtube on the macbook. I have never been nor probably ever will be a fan of PCs so now that this is up and running i am hoping ill be able to update regularly! Hope everyone is having a good week!





I have become obsessed with It is basicaly a sit where on can create his or her own outfits and graphic designs by putting together peices of clothes and accesories already given. (though u do have the option to upload your own) So i invite you to go on and creat some outfits and have fun with it. I have thoroughly enjoyed planning my oufits each day by this website! =]





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New York

Currently I have a "thing" for New York City. Well really I have had, currently do, and always will have a "thing" for the greatest city in the world NYC. There is something about the place that makes you feel you can do almost anything..its like as if you stepped off of a deserted island and you are consumed with energy to do everything and anything because its all at the tips of your fingers. As a Fashion Design Student I am overwhemled with what the city has to offer you in every aspect and it truly inspires me every day to push on with my dreams